TaeTiSeo is back!

my lil comeback in October

Thank You for waiting, hospital finally let me go in October, Thank You taenyosh krystaljjang pixfix st2rlight subsquishy k-pop-girl-band and many more users (long list and I am hiding from a nurse shh, sorry) or constant reblogging my posts, even checking while I am gone for weeks. I really notice you all and I’m really thankful. To newcomers wow, you decided to follow me despite my inactivity.. You’re awesome already! Though I won’t be posting any gifs from the comeback, let’s all enjoy the stages. See you soon~!

My queen is back

My queen is back

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looks familiar? 

Welcome to TTS - Time To Slay

(no wonder he’s shaking)

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Dandyu 단듀 SunYeon | The Sunlight In Your Eyes 

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(FYI I”m not back yet)