Must be tired and yet…

(hopefully I’ll be back next week)

st2rlight asked: I didn't know you are in hospital .. T.T. I wish you full recovery and to be healthy from now on. Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post (◠ω◠✿). Your gifs are also rly good so I can't help but reblog em. :)

Thank you very much. It was my pleasure to mention you, I feel bad for other users that I didn’t mention other awesome users I had to do it quickly but I am really greatful of each one of you, who reblogs my posts. I have never expected to gain so many awesome followers. Thank You!

Anonymous asked: hii :) can i ask why are you on hiatus? by the way you're blog is awesome :$

The reason is quite simple, I am in hospital for weeks now and the internet here is only a myth. I cannot stream anything, downloading is out of the question and I always want to have the best quality. You simply do not watch SNSD with 144p and making gifs is impossible. I’m glad you like my blog, I’ll do my best to make you like it even more when I get back. And thank you for your concern~!<33

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(It’s my last update for the week, hospital and finals, I need to focus on that)

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TaeTiSeo is back!

my lil comeback in October

Thank You for waiting, hospital finally let me go in October, Thank You taenyosh krystaljjang pixfix st2rlight subsquishy k-pop-girl-band and many more users (long list and I am hiding from a nurse shh, sorry) or constant reblogging my posts, even checking while I am gone for weeks. I really notice you all and I’m really thankful. To newcomers wow, you decided to follow me despite my inactivity.. You’re awesome already! Though I won’t be posting any gifs from the comeback, let’s all enjoy the stages. See you soon~!

My queen is back

My queen is back

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looks familiar?